Extra Curricular Learning Programs

Evolution Early Learning Centre offers an array of enriching extracurricular activities at no additional cost, fostering holistic growth and development in young children.

Creative Arts: Igniting artistic potential, our program spans mediums like crayons, paint, and more. Guided by passionate instructors, children explore self-expression, building confidence for lifelong artistic passion.

Music: Our comprehensive music program, led by skilled teachers, sparks love for music while enhancing cognitive, physical, and social skills. Through interactive sessions, children develop literacy, language abilities, and school readiness.

Health and Wellness: A holistic approach to physical fitness, nutrition, and emotional well-being. Led by experts, the program nurtures sporting skills, self-esteem, teamwork, and resilience, setting a foundation for a healthy life.

Chef-Prepared Meals: Our garden-to-plate philosophy connects children to nature and nutrition. Hands-on experiences in planting and harvesting complement chef-prepared, nutritious meals, cultivating healthy eating habits.

Little Zookeepers: Connecting with animals enriches learning. Our program, guided by on-site Zookeepers, offers interactions, caring for animals, and nature education. Eco Warriors program promotes community and environmental care.

Yoga and Mindfulness: Holistic learning includes yoga and mindfulness. These practices enhance emotional well-being, discipline, and respect, providing a nurturing environment for emotional, social, and academic growth.

At Evolution Early Learning Centre, these activities form an integral part of our philosophy to nurture well-rounded individuals. From artistic expression to physical fitness, nutrition education to animal interaction, children experience a diverse and stimulating range of opportunities that contribute to their overall development.

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