Eco Warriors

With our already strong commitment to the environment and sustainability, our goal is to continuously be, to teach and implement sustainable change in our everyday practice.

The Eco Warriors program has been developed to encourage children to be active contributors to their environment by helping to make a change.

At Evolution we believe that we are in an honoured position that we have the ability to teach the children in our care to be the next generation of game changers in sustainable solutions. 

Our Eco Warriors program sees the children venture out on monthly excursions to further their learning about our local community and how they can contribute to caring for it.

We have worm farms across the centres where all food waste is recycled. We process the food waste where possible on site which the children participate in after mealtimes and the children regularly have the opportunity to feed the worms.

The castings and worm juice is then used back on the centre gardens as fertiliser. Children participate in harvesting the castings and in the garden care with both the educators and our worm wizard Farmer Mon.

We feature food gardens across both centres with native Australian stingless bees that help pollinate. Our Eco Warriors participate in growing seedlings, planting, watering and harvesting from our centre gardens.

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